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ISOTOPIA – Target, Treat and Trace

Isotopia (Since 2007) is a radiopharmaceutical focused company with proven expertise in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic products, serving the nuclear medicine field.

At Isotopia, we are Target, Treat and Trace disease to improve our patients lives!


Our purpose is to deliver better patient outcomes.

It begins with a passion for innovation. For people. For making a difference.


As part of our long-term vision, Isotopia acquired the state-of-the-art, FDA and EU-approved Aseptic pharmaceutical plant focusing on theragnostic products.

Isotopia is one of the major worldwide supplier of 177- Lutetium under GMP condition and Drug Master File, with new manufacturing sites in EU and USA.


Since 2014, Isotopia has supplied 68Ga-PSMA to the local market, as the first company to respond to this emerging technique in prostate cancer management. In our pipeline, a cold kit for 68-Ga-PSMA-11 synthesis, Isoprotrace®, soon be ready for marketing. Isoprotrace® is a single sterile vacuum- vial kit, intended for preparing multi-patient doses of Gallium (68Ga) Gozetotide (PSMA -11) within only 5 minutes.


Through our values based on Innovation, Curiosity, Collaboration, Integrity, Courage & Agility, we are committed to our mission as a global supplier of targeted nuclear medicine products and a preferred partner for developing novel drugs.


Isotopia is committed to working closely with healthcare providers, regulators, and the patient community, in the worldwide, to ensure that our products are accessible to all who can benefit from it. We are also actively pursuing marketing authorizations in other countries aiming to make our products available all over the globe.

ISOTOPIA - The right radiotherapy partner, whenever required, to accelerate cancer care