Our state-of-the-art radiopharmacy offers a wide range of comprehensive services, ensuring excellence in every step.


We specialize in the preparation, production, and quality control of ready-to-use PET and SPECT radiotracers, which enhance diagnostic accuracy and imaging quality. Additionally, we provide advanced therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, such as Lu177 for prostate cancer and Lu177-DOTATATE for non-GEP-NET treatments.


GPP Certified Radiopharmacy

  • A 16.4 MeV GE Cyclotron for short-lived PET radiopharmaceuticals, mainly F18 based
  • GMP certified (pharmaceutical grade) Ge68/Ga68 Generators for 68Ga-labeled PET Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Mo99/Tc99 generators for compounding SPECT radiopharmaceuticals
  • Lu177 Radioligand therapy (RLT) Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Manufacture of various SPECT Cold Kits for Tc99m based radiopharmaceutical preparations


Our facility employs the highest standards in isotope production methods, radiochemical synthesis, purification, and quality control. Our professional team, consisting of radiopharmacists, nuclear engineers, chemists, technicians, and logistics experts, is dedicated to expanding patient access to cutting-edge radiopharmaceuticals, enabling improved cancer diagnosis and personalized care.

Radiopharmacy - Isotopia Molecular Imaging