GPP certified radiopharmacy:

  • A 16.4 MeV GE Cyclotron for short-lived PET radiopharmaceuticals, mainly F18 based
  • GMP certified (pharmaceutical grade) Ge68/Ga68 Generators for 68Ga-labeled PET Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Mo99/Tc99 generators for compounding SPECT radiopharmaceuticals
  • Lu177 Radioligand therapy (RLT) Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Manufacture of various SPECT Cold Kits for Tc99m based radiopharmaceutical preparations

Additional outsourcing services that we provide:

  • Delivery & transfer of RA sources and radiopharmaceuticals
  • Import of RA & non-RA Pharmaceuticals according to all Israeli and int.regulations
  • Distribution of commercial and custom-made Calibration Sources, radiation shielding and all types of equipment for Nuclear Medicine departments and ‘Hot’ Labs (Biodex, Capintec, Mirion, Ebayga, RadQual, Epsilon)
  • Custom design of ‘Hot labs’ and Radiation shielding
  • Full R&D services of radioisotopes & radiopharmaceuticals for institutes and private companies
Isotopia's aseptic Plant

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