Partnerships & Distribution

ISOTOPIA is a global pharmaceutical company that develops, produces, and distributes cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, to provide greater precision, safety and personalization for cancer diagnosis and care.

Since our establishment in 2006, we’ve grown to be a prominent global supplier of proven and advanced radiopharmaceuticals, with multiple production sites located in North America, Europe, and Israel (an additional site soon to be opened in Asia).

Our flagship product, Lutetium-177 has exhibited great promise in treating a variety of late-stage cancers, including metastatic prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumours. We are the only company that supplies Lutetium-177- both carrier-added (CA) and no-carrier-added (NCA).

Among our esteemed customers are pharmaceutical companies, medical distributors, clinical researchers, and academic institutions, who rely on us for continuous supply of tailor-made radiopharmaceuticals within a fully compliant GMP process.

We are committed to building valuable partnerships and to providing the best customer service and support.

Partnering with ISOTOPIA ensures always on time supply of tailor-made radiopharmaceuticals within a fully compliant GMP process.

Your gains:

  • Partnership in an ecosystem dedicated to advancing cancer diagnosis and care
  • Access to cutting edge and the most innovative radiopharmaceuticals
  • Ongoing guidance and support from renowned experts
  • Peace of mind resulting from high quality products along with professional teams who manage all the required logistics of shipping hazardous materials

To explore partnership opportunities please contact: