Our Team

Our core management team consists of visionaries and pioneers, who are experts in the field of radiopharmaceuticals.

We are a multidisciplinary team with distinct skills and experience, unified in the mission to expand healthcare providers’ power to diagnose and treat cancer, with greater precision and safety.

Meet the leaders who channel their expertise, persistence, and passion to provide hope and health to people struggling with cancer.

Senior Management

Dr. Eli Shalom

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Eli Shalom

Chief Executive Officer

A renowned researcher and expert in radiopharmaceuticals, recognized as a leading professional in the development and clinical applications of radioisotopes and radiotracers (SPECT & PET).

Prior to founding ISOTOPIA he held a key role in the research and development of SPECT and PET isotopes in the Soreq Nuclear Research Center.

His intense scientific and clinical research, combined with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of current and future market needs, have yielded numerous publications in reputed journals and a registered patent in the field of radioisotopes.

In his sparse spare time Eli enjoys mountain biking and practices yoga ashtanga.

Eli holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg-Recanati International Program of Tel Aviv University.

Baruch Hoch

Chief Technology Officer

Baruch Hoch

Chief Technology Officer

Baruch brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical industry.

He joined ISOTOPIA in 2017 as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for leading the development and implementation of technological solutions and new production processes.

Prior to ISOTOPIA, he served in a variety of senior positions of increasing responsibility in the life sciences industry, leading project and quality management, responsible for the design and establishment of sterile and aseptic production facilities, development of new production processes and improvement of existing ones, consolidation of strategies and processes to scale up technological capabilities and preparation of registration files for active raw materials.

He is a big fan of music and enjoys a variety of genres including classic, jazz and ethnic music.

Baruch holds a BSc in Pharmacy from the Hebrew University.

Keren Moshkoviz

Director of business development and deputy CEO

Keren Moshkoviz

Director of business development and deputy CEO

Keren has been with the company since its inception in 2007 and has successfully served in various marketing, sales, and business development positions.

Her diligent and meticulous work has facilitated the establishment of a global network of production sites that support our continuous growth.

Keren played key roles in the development and successful launch of both the unique diagnostic product Ga-68 PSMA and the innovative LU-177 n.c.a.

In her current position, Keren is strategically leading cross functional collaborations, from identification of diagnostic and clinical needs all the way to product development and manufacturing, to further substantiate ISOTOPIA as a prominent global supplier of radioactive isotopes and cold kits to the radiopharmaceutical industry.

Keren holds a BA in Industrial Design and an MA in Health Management. 

Rina Bar

Head of Marketing

Rina Bar

Head of Marketing

A seasoned executive with vast experience in global marketing and business development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Rina is recognized for crafting and executing strategic marketing initiatives that enhance business growth and drive brand engagement and loyalty.

She effectively drives cross functional collaboration and commercial optimization that utilize business opportunities, streamline processes, and facilitate new market entries.

Rina cultivates strong customer relationships through tailored solutions and fully aligned services.

As a big fan of challenges, in both her professional and personal life, don’t be surprised to find her in a dynamic kickbox training or exploring new places and cultures.

Rina holds an MBA in marketing and an MSc in Life Science from the Bar-Ilan University

Eyal Gimshi

Theranostics General Manager

Eyal Gimshi

Theranostics General Manager

“כָּל הָעוֹלָם כֻּלוֹ גֶשֶׁר צַר מְּאֹד וְהָעִיקָר לֹא לְפַחֵד כְּלַל”
[ר’ נחמן מברסלב]         

“The whole world is a very narrow bridge, but the important thing is not to fear at all” 
[Rabbi Nachman of Braslav]


Eyal makes the impossible possible. In believing so, Eyal drives the Global Business division of Isotopia to new horizons, making the vision a reality.

Eyal is leading ISOTOPIA’s therapeutics, responsible for global commercial operations while ensuring compliant, advanced, and efficient production and supply chain of ISOTOPIA’s radiopharmaceuticals.  

Eyal has been with ISOTOPIA since its inception and has gained extensive expertise in the production, logistics and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals.

He has led and managed key engineering and manufacturing processes, including the construction of the company’s radio-pharmacy and PET facility with a fucus on cyclotron and Gallium-68 based radiopharmaceuticals.

Eyal received his BSc. in Nuclear Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University and holds both an MSc in Nuclear Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration.

Tzachi Levy

ISOTOPIA Israel General Manager

Tzachi Levy
ISOTOPIA Israel General Manager
Tzachi has a rich background and vast experience in the management of complex operations and production for the pharmaceutical industry, leading large manufacturing and supply chain teams to operational optimization.
He is renowned for driving excellence in people, processes, and new technologies, and for setting a high bar for production value and quality.
Prior to ISOTOPIA, Tzachi served in several roles of increased responsibility in Teva Pharmaceuticals, where he managed large manufacturing facilities, producing over one million products per month in a variety of technologies (sterile and non-sterile).
In his free time Tzachi enjoys long distance runs and spending time with his three energetic sons.
He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)

Boaz Bahat

Petach Tikva Site Manager

Boaz Bahat

Site Manager

Boaz brings vast experience and proficiency in engineering, maintenance, high volume manufacturing, EHS and operations management for global pharmaceutical and high-tech companies.

As our ever-vigilant site manager Boaz drives production and operational excellence through personal leadership, while ensuring the safety and well-being of our dedicated staff.

He is a creative problem solver, renowned to quickly respond to challenges, yet calm and compassionate.

Boaz holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Avner Jarach

Head of Quality and Acting Manager at Isotopia Soreq Site

Avner Jarach

Head of Quality and Acting Manager at Isotopia Soreq Site.

Avner brings vast professional and managerial experience in all aspects of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, along with extensive expertise in various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, including sterile drugs, biological and radioactive products.

Avner is a registered pharmacist and a qualified person (QP) in both Israel and Europe.

His comprehensive skill set encompasses Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Change Control, Validation, and Quality Control.

In his free time, Avner is keen on practicing Karate Kyokushin and has previously won the second place in the prestigious European Seniors Competition.

Avner holds a BPharm and an MS Pharm. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Yakov Ochana


Yakov Ochana

Chief financial officer (CFO)

As a Bachelor of Law (L.L.B) & Accounting with an MBA & Master of Laws (L.L.M) Yakov has years of experience in financial planning and management. Shortly after an internship as an attorney in the Israeli tax authority, and an internship as an accountant at Deloitte, he started a senior position as acting accountant CFO at a public company.
Yakov is about more than just numbers. He places high importance on the relationship between Israel and the Jewish diaspora. That strong feeling of connection has driven him to temporarily leave Israel for a Zionist family mission in Chicago.
As a practical person, he always sets goals and strives to reach them quickly, while maximizing results. He loves learning and delving into new areas of expertise, broadening his personal and professional skills.
He provides both customers and colleagues with a unique perspective and decision-making capability which makes him a great consultant in any sector and business environment.

Dr. Haim Golan

Medical Advisor


Medical Advisor

Dr. Haim Golan is internationally recognized as a leading physician and researcher in nuclear medicine. He brings more than 30 years of nuclear medicine expertise to ISOTOPIA.

Dr. Golan previously served as the Director of Nuclear Medicine at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel.

Dr. Golan has conducted extensive research in the fields of Nuclear Medicine and Imaging Technology. He served as a clinical fellow in the department of medical Imaging, University of Toronto, Canada, in the division of Nuclear Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, in the division of Nuclear Medicine, Sick Children Hospital, and in the PET center of the Clark Institute of Psychiatry, where he started his special interest in brain imaging. He utilizes his expertise in this area, as one of only a handful of such experts throughout Israel.

His brain SPECT research and analysis were published in several reputed scientific and medical journals.

Dr. Golan earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Ben Gurion University. Additionally, he holds BSc and MSc degrees in Radiobiology from the Biology Department at Ben Gurion University.

Oshrat Karta

HR Manager

Oshrat Karta

HR Manager

A highly experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of establishing processes that encourage excellence and personal growth of employees.

Oshrat is dedicated to creating an environment where employees feel appreciated, engaged, and empowered through ongoing training, knowledge sharing, supporting needs and maintaining health and wellbeing.

Oshrat has joined ISOTOPIA in 2010. She grew and developed with the company, serving in various roles of increasing responsibly, primarily as our customer services manager.

She is a dynamic, self-motivated professional who assimilates cross-functional processes aimed at improving individual and organizational performance.

Oshrat holds a BA in Management and Communications.

Gilli Bader

Global Sales Manager

Gilli Bader

Global Sales Manager

As our global sales manager, Gilli is leading ISOTOPIA’s global customer engagement activities and responsible for designing and implementing strategic sales plans for existing clients and prospecting for new customers.

She is an experienced international trade coordinator renowned for improving customer satisfaction while identifying and seizing commercial opportunities.

Prior to ISOTOPIA, Gilli resided and worked in China, where she served as a trade officer in the Israeli Embassy, facilitating international business and trade.

Gilli holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Ben-Gurion University. 

Yael Eissenberg

Head of Quality Assurance

Yael Eissenberg

Head of Quality Assurance

Holds a B Sc in Biochemistry and food science, and an M.A in Environment Studies.

Yael has over 20 years of experience in the pharma industry as a quality reviewer in the drugs, vaccines, medical devices, combination products, and sterile and non-sterile fields both for the local and global market.

Her concern about environmental changes made her expand her horizons and complete an MA in Environmental Studies.

Yael is very thorough and has wide diagnostic capabilities. She believes in the importance of what she does and enjoys working as part of a team. For her, the people in her team are like a second family.

Nadav Rutkovski

Radiopharmacy Manager

Nadav Rutkovski

Radiopharmacy Manager

Nadav is an expert in Nuclear Pharmacy. He brings over 18 years of hands-on experience in nuclear operations and logistics management, leading innovative projects and teams in dynamic and challenging work environments.

Prior to ISOTOPIA, he worked for 16 years in the Soreq Nuclear Research Center where he also managed the facility’s Nuclear Pharmacy.

Nadav has deep knowledge of nuclear medicine and its applications, as well as unique understanding of customers’ particular needs and their day-to-day crannies and nooks.

Providing excellent service is his core value and motto.

He focuses on the big picture while mastering the details, and is a strong believer in the philosophy “The Answer is ‘Yes’ – What’s the Question?”

Nadav earned his BSc in Pharmacy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a certified nuclear pharmacist from Purdue University.

Moad Esa

Qualified Person and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Qualified Person and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Moad has vast experience and unique expertise in nuclear pharmacology and regulatory affairs.

Since joining the company in 2010, he has led several key roles in radiopharmaceutical synthesis, development, quality assurance and quality control.

During the past years Moad has been diligently working in the sterile production site, providing regulatory and technical expertise to cross-functional teams while facilitating audits by local and global regulatory authorities.

Moad is highly involved, regulatory-wise, in the development of new products and renowned for his contribution to defining target product profiles that may be compliant with regulatory requirements.

He is highly meticulous and pays great attention to details, even the smallest ones.

In his free time, Moad aspires to persist in sports, especially bike riding.

Moad holds a BSc in Pharmacy from the Hebrew University and a Master’s Degree in Pharmacology from the Tel Aviv University. He also holds a Nuclear Pharmacy Certification by the Purdue University (USA) along with a Quality and Organizational Excellence Certification.

Middle Management

Yossi Shohet

Plant Engineer

Plant Engineer.

A mechanical and nuclear engineer, and a Cyclotron systems expert.
Yossi holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a master’s degree in
Science and Nuclear Engineering, and is a certified radiation detector.
He is experienced in engineering planning and management, radioactive
laboratory establishment and setup, and is an expert in particle accelerators
(such as Cyclotron).
Yossi loves to travel and explore nature, go mountain biking, and hang out with

Erez Secly

Therapeutic Unit & R&D Engineer

Therapeutic Unit & R&D Engineer.

Erez holds a B Sc in chemical and biotechnology engineering and a Radiation
Safety Officer certification.
He has extensive knowledge in radioactive preparation production software and
machinery and is an expert in radiation security and high-end product visioning.
His greatest achievements are developing Lutecium and setting up the Canada
Erez likes to come up with new and creative solutions for hard-to-solve problems
and dedicates his spare time to developing exciting new products for the benefit
of others.

Maya Steiner

CMO and New Products Manager

CMO and New Products Manager.

Maya holds a B Sc in Biochemical Engineering.
In her role, Maya is tasked with leading and ensuring new products and
processes’ successful implementation and production. Her excellent
interpersonal communication skills and creative approach to challenges as well
as a great eye for developing new products, make her a great team player to
work and consult with.
On the weekend you’ll probably find her relaxing at the beach or hiking – In Israel
or abroad.

Idan Yeshua

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager. Hold a B Sc degree in Industrial Engineering. With years of experience in procurement and logistics from General Cargo, Idan believes that when dealing with customers you should be 100% dedicated to your work. He describes his job as a 24/7, 365 days a year position and aims to provide the best possible service at all times. His dedication and motivation ensure he provides personal and close attention to every customer he interacts with. His attention to detail (which has a strong impact) and personal desire to continually learn and improve, help him develop and evolve his team and others. His approach to his job is rooted in his competitive nature, so when he isn’t working, he spends his free time playing sports.

Asher Feldhaim

R&D Engineer

R&D Engineer. Holds a B Sc in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from Ariel University. Asher is an expert in providing a complete solution for a radio-pharmacological product. His role is throughout the whole process – starting with study and characterization of the production method alongside its implementation in existing systems while improving and optimizing methods, writing procedures, performing validation batches, and training production technicians. Asher also holds expertise in the development and improvement of analytical methods for the testing of the final product according to relevant regulatory requirements. Asher believes that when improving production processes, one needs to understand all the steps in the process and their contribution. During the development of a process, he always attempts to simplify the process as much as possible to reduce the chance of failure and allow for smooth easy execution every time. His recipe for a successful product is well used in his time off. Asher enjoys cooking for his family but if you ask him, he will probably say his favorite part is eating what he cooked.

Uria Goobi

Manager of Operations

Manager of Operations. Hold a B Sc degree in Industrial Engineering. Uria literally developed with Isotopia. He went through all the production positions, gained a lot of experience and understanding, initiated changes, and then trained new teams according to the lessons he learned and the experience he gained. But that is the least of it. In a previous role, Uria was also a cyclotron engineer, performing fault handling and preventive maintenance for this system. Today he manages the operations team at the company's nuclear pharmacy, a position that includes responsibility for product distribution and fast and efficient customer service. Uria is well known for his ability to provide fast and creative solutions to customers and colleagues and employees. His greatest passion is open water diving – taking time off from the world and enjoying the wonderfully rich and extraordinary beauty the sea has to offer.

Alex Gitelzon

Theragnostic Unit Production Manager

Theragnostic Unit Production Manager. Radiation Safety officer. Holds a B Sc in Physics and Medical Physics and is a certified radiation safety expert. Don't be fooled by Alex's appearance. If you don’t truly know him you may think he is a very practical calculated guy, who never has any surprises. Well, looks can be deceiving – Alex's true nature is one of a free spirit who loves adventures. Alex enjoys challenges and extreme sports. When not at work he is probably taking on a trip, riding his private SUV.

Abutbul Betty

Supply Chain & Production Manager

Supply Chain & Production Manager. Holds an Industrial Engineering Bachelor's degree. Betty is an overachiever, her extraordinary organizational ability, systemic vision, and good interpersonal skills, make her excel in anything she does. Betty doesn't waste time. She is proud to be part of planning and orchestrating production processes. It's what motivates her and makes her tick. Coming home from work she is still always planning: the next dessert she's going to make.

Vladimir Prokupets

Plant Engineer

Plant Engineer. Vladimir holds a B Sc in Practical Engineering (Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration). He has22 years of experience in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry. His areas of expertise include plant engineering, maintenance management, and project management. He specializes in Electricity, Instrumentation, and Control & Calibration of Water systems. His position includes sterile filling, lyophilization and autoclave equipment, utility improvement & system validation.

Einat Ronen

Office Administrator, HR, and Finance Coordinator

Office Administrator, HR, and Finance Coordinator. Einat has over 18 years of experience as a customer manager in a Biotech lab. She manages the accounting and human resource fields in the aseptic plant in Yavne. She also responsible for recruiting, employee development, empowerment, and satisfaction, as well as managing the relationship with suppliers. Einat always puts people first and believes that open communication, cooperation and determination are the keys to harmonious work across the different functions in the workplace. She has been with Isotopia since 2018 and has been a critical force in recruitment and staffing efforts.

Shimon Farber

QC Manager

QC Manager Holds a Ph.D. in Medical Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Shimon is in charge of quality control and is a specialist in validations, Out of Specification investigations, and GMP in labs, with over 12 years in the pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical industry, managing chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and microbiology laboratories. Shimon’s greatest strength is thinking outside the box. He doesn’t let the pressure get to him and always finds ways to turn lemons into lemonade. He is an eternal optimist and is always happy to lend an ear, listen and help others. He is an avid reader, but don’t worry, he does not stay home every weekend and you can often find him going on extreme trips in the desert.