Our values

Our values shape our organizational culture and guide us in the choices we make, the services we offer and the partnerships we foster.

We strive to demonstrate these values in our actions and commitments, within the organization and our community.

Innovation & Growth mindset

  • Constantly search for dynamic and definitive solutions in the fields of molecular imaging and theragnostic
  • Grow with science and data driven
  • Encourage creativity and open expression of new ideas
  • Learn to teach, teach to learn. We all have something to learn from one another
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try new challenges

Integrity & Professionalism

  • Collaborate to achieve common business goals
  • Promote teamwork and build team spirit through encouragement and recognition of achievement
  • Believe in fair play

Empowering Each Other

  • Exhibit ethical conduct and honesty in all business relationships
  • Always do the right thing
  • Emphasis teamwork – two heads are better than one
  • Encourage respect for every individual
  • Demonstrate the highest ethical and reliability in the workplace

Effective Communication

  • Express opinions, facts, and thoughts with clarity and openness
  • Relate effectively to staff at all level of the business

Health & Safety & Quality

  • Demonstrate a strict adherence to health and safety policies and procedures of GMP & GPP
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of the business
  • Ensure that all our policies and procedures and practices comply with recognized for environmental sustainability

Service Difference

  • Our patients come first.
  • Focus on what is most beneficial for the success and satisfaction of our internal and external customers.
  • Strive for a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations.
  • Strong customer centered approach is critical to everything we do.