Isotopia and FutureChem sign a clinical supply agreement for 177Lu n.c.a

Isotopia is pleased to announce that it has begun a collaboration with FutureChem, a global radiopharmaceutical developer and producer, for the supply of the medical radioisotope non-carrier-added 177Lu to support clinical development of its prostate cancer treatment, 177Lu-FC705 PSMA targeted radiotherapeutic product.

In advanced stage of prostate cancer, biochemical recurrence (BCR) is defined as elevated PSA level after local treatment such as prostatectomy, and it occurs at about 35% (27~53%) rate. This implies that patients who have undergone prostatectomy still have possibility for BCR.

Patients with confirmed recurrence or metastasis generally undergo hormone therapy to prevent further progression of prostate cancer. In 1-2 years after treatment with hormone therapy, the cancer develops into castration Resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) that hormone therapy does not have any effect on. Thereafter, the symptoms develop rapidly, and cancer metastasizes to all over the body. At this point, the patient usually is treated with chemotherapy.

PSMA-targeted therapeutic radiopharmaceutical conjugated with 177Lu has been proven to have excellent therapeutic effect in CRPC patients when combined with PSMA-targeted compound.

177Lu is a beta-emitting radiopharmaceutical precursor with a half-life of 6.7 days. It  is used in Precision Oncology for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy.  It precisely destroys the tumor when bound to disease-specific targeting therapeutics. Isotopia has developed a unique, stable, consistent, and reliable GMP method to produce a highly pure form of 177Lu. n.c.a. Isotopia’s 177Lu contains no metastable 177mLu, eliminating cost intensive clinical waste management.

"In striving to realize our vision to bring treatments to patients worldwide, we found in FutureChem the enthusiasm we at Isotopia have. This innovative company will have our support from clinical trials through commercial sales to achieve their goals and our's. Following these first steps in Korea, Isotopia is starting to prepare its footprint in the region building the necessary partnerships and foundations."

"Protein receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) is an effective therapeutic method to treat cancer, and this treatment method has become a new trend to be applied to various cancers. 177Lu is one of the most popular radioactive isotopes used in this method. The meaning of the clinical suppling agreement between Isotopia and FutureChem is that both companies will achieve great development by securing a stable supply and demand for 177Lu."

About FutureChem Co., Ltd.

FutureChem was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company offers to produce and sells radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosing cancers, and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases; and automation modules and disposable goods, such as disposable cassettes, reagent kits, and radio-caps. It also provides peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals for radio-metal chelation and click reaction; linkers for bio-conjugation using copper-free/mediated click reaction; fluorinated compounds; and custom synthesis services, as well as develops and produces positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) precursors and chemicals for radiopharmaceuticals. In addition, the company is involved in the research and development of radioisotope labeling technology; development of PET drugs, and automation devices, as well as performs government research project and academic-industrial collaboration services.

About Isotopia

Isotopia Ltd. is a dominant 177Lu supplier, its development team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of nuclear pharmacists, radiochemists, nuclear engineers, and physicists. The experienced Isotopia team, together with its nuclear pharmacy, cyclotron facility, 177Lu production site and sterile manufacturing plant, are a well-established platform for manufacturing and collaborations. Isotopia creates collaborations between the scientific and medical community to further develop and experiment with new markers for imaging applications and molecular therapy. For more information:

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