R&D Engineer.

Holds a B Sc in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from Ariel University.
Asher is an expert in providing a complete solution for a radio-pharmacological
product. His role is throughout the whole process – starting with study and
characterization of the production method alongside its implementation in existing
systems while improving and optimizing methods, writing procedures, performing
validation batches, and training production technicians. Asher also holds
expertise in the development and improvement of analytical methods for the
testing of the final product according to relevant regulatory requirements.

Asher believes that when improving production processes, one needs to
understand all the steps in the process and their contribution. During the
development of a process, he always attempts to simplify the process as much
as possible to reduce the chance of failure and allow for smooth easy execution
every time.

His recipe for a successful product is well used in his time off. Asher enjoys
for his family but if you ask him, he will probably say his favorite part is eating
what he cooked.

Asher Feldhaim