Dr. Haim Golan

Medical Advisor

Dr. Haim Golan is internationally recognized as a leading physician and researcher in nuclear medicine. He brings more than 30 years of nuclear medicine expertise to ISOTOPIA.

Dr. Golan previously served as the Director of Nuclear Medicine at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel.

Dr. Golan has conducted extensive research in the fields of Nuclear Medicine and Imaging Technology. He served as a clinical fellow in the department of medical Imaging, University of Toronto, Canada, in the division of Nuclear Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, in the division of Nuclear Medicine, Sick Children Hospital, and in the PET center of the Clark Institute of Psychiatry, where he started his special interest in brain imaging. He utilizes his expertise in this area, as one of only a handful of such experts throughout Israel.

His brain SPECT research and analysis were published in several reputed scientific and medical journals.

Dr. Golan earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Ben Gurion University. Additionally, he holds BSc and MSc degrees in Radiobiology from the Biology Department at Ben Gurion University.