an experienced radiopharmacist. Prior to founding Isotopia he was involved for eight years in the research and development and production of SPECT and PET isotopes in the National Nuclear Research Center at Nahal Soreq. With a Ph.D degree from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) in the Synthesis of Novel Amine [18F] Fluorocyanoboranes & Amine [18F] Fluorocarboxyborane Esters, Dr. Shalom is regarded as one of the leading professionals in this sector in Israel. He is well known as a knowledgeable researcher with practical applications in 
Imaging of hypoxia is important in many disease states in oncology, cardiology, and neurology. Despite on-going efforts to identify hypoxia, until now there is no clinically approved imaging biomarker, due to both low tumour uptake, and a low signal to background (S/B) ratio that affects the imaging quality. In 2015, we started to collaborate with Isotopia towards development of 64Cu(II)-based PET radiotracers. We are biophysics in nature, and we developed a radiotracer that is integrated in the cellular copper cycle. The design of the new radiotracer is based on systematic structural & functional mapping of the copper binding sites to the various copper proteins and the visualisation of the transfer mechanism. This new copper tracer increases the selectivity of tumour uptake, stability, and improves bio-distribution. Working with Isotopia opens for us many doors. We were not familiar with “hot-chemistry” before, and the staff of Isotoptia is continuously helping us with a lot of patient and professionality in every step in the research and development of our compound: from the in-vitro, through the cell, in-vivo and hopefully soon to the clinics. We are grateful and happy with this collaboration.
Sharon Ruthstein Department of Chemistry Faculty of Exact Sciences
Bar Ilan University Department