We are looking for a VP of sales in Europe

We are looking for a VP of sales in Europe, preferably in Germany as a top-level executive in sales and business-oriented. The ideal candidate from the radiopharmaceutical industry, responsible for overseeing the sales team, can reach the company’s sales goal in ultimate profitability and build global sales strategies for each product.


Position Description

A VP of sales builds the sales infrastructure, oversees daily sales activities, meets with significant customers, draws up sales reports, designs new and effective sales strategies, builds sales support systems, and works to market and promote the company’s products and services. You are expected to find the value proposition for each segment and align it with the corporate’s messaging.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a VP Sales

  • Create a culture of success and ongoing business and goal achievement
  • Develop plans and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s sales goals by knowing how to target the customers.
  • Define optimal sales force structure
  • Hire and develop sales staff
  • Manage the sales teams, operations, and resources to deliver profitable growth
  • Manage the budget
  • Become known as an employer of choice and a sales force that top salespeople want to join
  • Define and oversee sales staff compensation and incentive programs that motivate the sales team to achieve their sales targets
  • Define and coordinate sales training programs that enable staff to achieve their potential and support the company’s sales objectives
  • Manage customer expectations and contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Know how to find the value of the products above all alternatives
  • Define sales processes that drive desired sales outcomes and strive to identify improvements where and when required
  • Put in place infrastructure and systems to support the success of the sales function
  • Provide detailed and accurate sales forecasting
  • Compile information and data related to customer and prospect interactions
  • Monitor customer, market, and competitor activity and provide feedback to the company’s leadership team and other company’s functions
  • Work closely with the marketing function to establish successful support, channel, and partner programs
  • Manage key customer relationships and participate in closing strategic opportunities
  • Travel for in-person meetings with customers and partners and to develop critical relationships.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Understand the regulation in the European market and especially in the big five countries in Europe.
  • Possess knowledge of competitive products and markets.
  • Exhibit strong interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Demonstrate ability to think creatively.
  • Exhibit awareness of best sales practices and methods.
  • Work well with a team.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Possess strong persuasive abilities.
  • Demonstrate solid motivational and leadership skills.
  • Maintain a professional but confident and outgoing demeanor.
  • Can conduct independent research.
  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills.

Goals assigned to a VP of Sales include:

  • Revenue- primary responsibility of delivering the proper revenues
  • Sales growth
  • Profit
  • Cost of sale
  • New market penetration/market share

Education and Experience

A VP of sales holds a Master’s Degree in Finance, Business, or marketing. You must also have several years of experience as VP of sales working in a global company of 100 + employees in the radiopharmaceuticals’ sales and marketing sector. You should be able to demonstrate a successful sales record.


Work Environment

Local and national travel to meet customers and visit satellite offices is also required. EU based.



Basic +On Target Earnings (OTE)


Please contact or send a CV: eshalom@isotopia.co.il

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