Isotopia and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center announce Terbium-161 clinical study collaboration

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, world leading cancer research, education and treatment center and Isotopia, a global supplier of radioisotopes for targeted therapies, today announced they have signed a clinical research and supply agreement for the medical radioisotope no-carrier-added Terbium-161 (n.c.a. Tb-161), an innovative therapeutic isotope used for targeted cancer treatment.

Theranostics is an emerging field using radioactive molecules for both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is a game-changer for some patients, enabling truly personalized medicine and providing the ability to treat what you see and see what you treat.

In this first-in-class clinical trial, 161Tb, a radioactive compound, will be linked to a small molecule targeting prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) to treat men with advanced prostate cancer. Like currently used Lutetium-177 (177Lu), 161Tb emits a beta radiation that travels only a few millimeters enabling targeted killing of cancer cells. In addition, 161Tb emits another type of radiation called Auger electronic which have higher linear energy transfer and travel less than the width of a single cell. Laboratory experiments have shown that 161Tb is superior to 177Lu by eradicating tiny, microscopic tumor deposits.

As part of this agreement, Isotopia will supply 161Tb to support a first-in-human pilot study conducted by the Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Imaging Centre of Excellence (ProsTIC) at Peter Mac. 

"Peter Mac has led groundbreaking studies that show radioactive substances targeting PSMA prolong life and improve quality-of-life in men with advanced prostate cancer. This new world first clinical trial using 161Tb, a next generation targeting, has the potential further improve outcomes for men with prostate cancer."

"We are excited to start this collaboration with the experts at Peter Mac and lay the foundation for 161Tb to be used for the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals. We are honored to work with Professor Hofman to determine the clinical advantages in comparison to 177Lu-PSMA that will accelerate the development of a new generation of therapeutic isotopes to be used in targeted therapy. Isotopia will start building its own 161Tb based pipeline starting with PSMA I&T all the way from clinical trials to commercialization."

About Peter Mac

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a world-leading cancer research, education and treatment centre and Australia’s only public health service solely dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Imaging Centre of Excellence (ProsTIC) at Peter Mac performs state-of-the-art research to deliver new paradigms for treatment of prostate cancer driven by seamless integration of clinical trials, pre-clinical and discovery research. The multi-disciplinary team includes nuclear medicine, medical oncology, radiation oncology, urology and laboratory-based doctors and research with a strong patient-centered philosophy. The Center of Excellence is funded by a grant from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) with support from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Center media contact:

Danny Rose, Media and Content Manager

Phone: 0407 250 088


About Isotopia

Isotopia is a collaboration between The Metrontario Group and some of Israel’s leading scientists in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and sterile manufacturing. The Isotopia development team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of professional Quality Assurance, Chemists, Microbiologists, Engineers Operations and Logistics. The experienced Isotopia team, together with its GMP certified plant – by the IL MOH and US FDA – and centralized radio-nuclear pharmacy, cyclotron facility, carrier free 177Lu production site, are a well-established platform for development. Isotopia creates collaborations between the scientific and medical community to further develop and experiment with new markers for imaging applications, molecular therapy and providing CMO services.

Isotopia Contact:

Keren Moshkoviz, Business Development

Phone: +972 3 9130314,


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