Isotopia Molecular Imaging and Sinotau Pharmaceuticals Sign a Clinical Supply Agreement for 177Lu n.c.a

The Chinese Radiopharmaceutical market has been driven by the continuous innovation efforts of industrial leaders like Sinotau to contribute more and more attraction in the whole precision medicine World.  

177Lu is a beta-emitting radiopharmaceutical precursor with a half-life of 6.7 days. It is used in Precision Oncology for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy. It precisely destroys the tumor when bound to disease-specific targeting therapeutics. Isotopia has developed a unique, stable, consistent, and reliable GMP method to produce a highly pure form of 177Lu. n.c.a. Isotopia’s 177Lu contains no metastable 177mLu, eliminating cost intensive clinical waste management.

"Sinotau's Management team have demonstrated the potential of the Chinese market in bringing innovation to the nuclear medicine space. This collaboration and supply agreement is a strong foundation to Isotopia's strategic plans for the Chinese market. Both companies have committed to bring targeted therapy to patients in the country allowing better patient outcomes and better quality of life."

"We are delighted to work with Isotopia to enhance an user-friendly, very on-time & stable supply chain for 177Lu to support our dynamic research & clinical development pipeline, and potentially to achieve scale-up process and commercialization in the near future through further partnerships."

About Sinotau Pharmaceuticals

Sinotau is a pharma group focused on the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of new generation theranostics radiopharmaceuticals. The HQ and Central Lab are based in Beijing, with top-of-the-line manufacturing sites placed in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan as well as technique transformation centers in US.

Since 2014 , we have reached extensive and in-depth cooperation with numerous prestigious scientific research institutions and MNCs globally.  Born for innovation, Sinotau has been very active in oncology, cardiovascular and AD in pursuit of healthier lives for the people.

About Isotopia

Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd. is a dominant 177Lu supplier, its development team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of nuclear pharmacists, radiochemists, nuclear engineers, and physicists. The experienced Isotopia team, together with its nuclear pharmacy, cyclotron facility, 177Lu production site and sterile manufacturing plant, are a well-established platform for manufacturing and collaborations. Isotopia creates collaborations between the scientific and medical community to further develop and experiment with new markers for imaging applications and molecular therapy.

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