Nadav Rutkovski

Nadav Rutkovski

Responsible Radiopharmacist & Europe sales manager

Nadav is an expert in Nuclear Pharmacy. He brings over 18 years of hands-on experience in nuclear operations and logistics management, leading innovative projects and teams in dynamic and challenging work environments.

Prior to ISOTOPIA, he worked for 16 years in the Soreq Nuclear Research Center where he also managed the facility’s Nuclear Pharmacy.

Nadav has deep knowledge of nuclear medicine and its applications, as well as unique understanding of customers’ particular needs and their day-to-day crannies and nooks.

Providing excellent service is his core value and motto.

He focuses on the big picture while mastering the details, and is a strong believer in the philosophy “The Answer is ‘Yes’ – What’s the Question?”

Nadav earned his BSc in Pharmacy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a certified nuclear pharmacist from Purdue University.